What’s the future for flexible working?

Planning for the future is now more of a challenge than ever before. Covid-19 has thrown many forward order books off plan and business leaders are being forced in to adapting to creative new ways to survive potential damaging losses. 

Part of navigating this process must include the wellness and maintenance of talent within industries which rely on the skillset of a workforce that have been disbanded amongst uncharted waters. Never has it been so important to be flexible, adaptable and changeable to survive.

At Office Assured, we understand this and by putting businesses in touch with landlords, we seek to provide short-term flexible office options that clients can take advantage of as well as providing landlords with projected solutions that will attract this more active type of requirement.

Flexible office requirements are about to rocket as ‘Zoom’ lethargy settles in, with the novelty of WFH wearing thin and mental health becoming an ever more considered factor.

IWG (Regus) The world’s largest flexible office provider, this week posted a profit warning citing below 2020 levels as the pandemic continues to affect its business. https://www.independent.co.uk/business/office-rental-firm-iwg-warns-profits-struggling-to-recover-b1860807.html 

There is little doubt that this will be the same for many similar serviced and managed operators who whilst of the front foot, will be singing tunes of success and optimism, are purporting to be the ‘gliding swan on the river’ yet dig a little deeper and below the surface many will be ‘paddling like mad’ for a piece of the pie required to improve occupancy and secure new business.

At Office assured we have access to the global market and are primed to negotiate for you. We provide a FREE solution for your business at what is clearly a peak in opportunity to act now and get the benefit of some of the most fantastic locations to bring your teams back to work.

If you want to secure great deals and get ahead in the market, contact our team at Office Assured before the best deals are done and ensure you can contribute to the security of your company by future proofing 2021/22.

Leigh Scott.

Managing Director  and Founder – Office Assured