How do I manage my team’s return to work safely?

As employers plan to get teams back to the office. There is a real Human Resources concern amongst some staff, their companies and organisations about how that is to be safely managed.

It’s clear there is an appetite for people to work remotely, more flexibly and with a fluid approach in mind. Allowing staff to attend the office at certain times of the day or week by identifying where they will sit and with who is going to be a useful tool as we all drip back in to work.

Having a live on-line diarised bookings facility which can be utilised by the staff and monitored by the management teams, will not only be helpful to all affected, but can place a real sense of safety by utilising access control along with contact tracing. 

There are other benefits too. Such a solution will allow for the reduction in overall office space required and consequently costs are naturally reduced due to the lack of longer-term need for more or additional workspaces.

Office attendee numbers can be managed effectively and desks available on demand via a simple live booking system. 

If you think your company would benefit from such a product, get in touch with us at Office Assured and we can talk you through this fantastic cloud based, remotely accessed software.

Quick and very easy to set up with a team on hand to guide you and respond to any queries.